Coffee Bomb Shots.

This 30 minutes after the shot.  Beautiful Crema remains. 

Try that with another pod.

With fresh coffee the entire shot seems to be crema as it brews. Only after the pour stops does it settle out into two clearly defined phases.
With older coffee you can often see a thinner, separate head of foam settling out as the shot pours. The resulting coffee is often thin and watery meaning the little crema we have disappears quickly.  (Read - 'other' Pods - stale, flat, metallic taste)
Crema is one of the many joys of an espresso. The honeycomb network of bubbles traps many of the aromatics ready to release them as the bubbles burst on the tongue. It lends both an appealing texture and an appealing look to the drink, and will remain inextricably linked to the romance of coffee.   


Atomic Coffee Bomb Extraction

Atomic Nespresso Compatible Pod extraction.This tastes as goods as it looks. We next did a genuine Nespresso pod extraction with milk. All agreed it had a 'rubber / dirty' taste. Everybody agreed the Atomic was considerably better and tasted like Custom Coffees signature coffees.Very happy with the new pods. Happy enough to put our name on them.Enjoy.

Posted by Coffee Bombs on Wednesday, 5 August 2015